Men's Wood Valet Tray

A Man’s Wooden Valet – For the Man in Your Life

Man’s Wood Valet – Just What Are We Talking About?

 By definition, a valet is a man’s personal male attendant 

When we’re talking about a wooden valet for a man, you might envision one of two items.  The first type is what is know as a dresser valet tray.  This can be a simple tray with one or more chambers, a more complex tray containing many chambers and maybe a drawer or lidded chamber to an ornate tray that may be engraved or carved.

This type of wood dresser valet is generally an open, dresser top organizer for a man’s

An Ornate Men's Wood Valet Organizer

An Ornate Men’s Wood Valet Organizer

typical clutter of things like wallet, keys, spare change, watches and other apparel.

The second type of men’s valet is what is known as a man’s wooden jewelry valet.  Yes, men do have their own styles of jewelry such as cuff links, tie clips and as always, watches and bracelets.  But, in the end, most men just throw their clutter in to keep it out of sight.

A Man's Wooden Dresser Valet Tray

A Man’s Wooden Dresser Valet Tray

Yes, when one thinks of wooden jewelry boxes, you rarely think of men.  Yet, that’s what a man’s valet box is… a jewelry box for men. And, then again, a man’s valet can also mean a man’s dresser tray or jewelry valet.  It’s a place to organize a man’s clutter.  We do know how some men need a handsome and manly wood box for that.

Man's Wooden Jewelry Valet

Man’s Wooden Jewelry Valet

 What Makes a Man’s Jewelry Valet Different Than A Plain Old Jewelry Box?

Not a whole lot except that men’s wooden valets are usually more robust… thicker wood parts, robust looking hardware.  They look more manly, whatever that is in a box.  I think the difference between a woman’s and man’s jewelry valet is simply the word, “manly”.  I’ve sold jewelry boxes to men for their own use and boxes I had made as a man’s valet to women to store their jewelry in.  If you google around, you’ll find that both terms are used for the same wooden box depending upon who uses it and upon who’s dresser it is found.

It’s a matter of style… The same box made with an exotic wood will usually be bought for a woman.  Made out of a thick pine and it seems more manly and it goes on His Dresser.  You tell me… One thing for sure, it fits the definition.  A man’s wooden valet box serves a man and his needs.

 Men’s Wooden Valets Make Wonderful Gifts

One nice thing about a man’s wooden valet, whether the dresser tray version or the man’s jewelry valet is that they make a great gift for any occasion.  They’re a personal gift.  Because they are manly looking and add distinction to his dresser, they help define the man in your life.

A Simple Men's Wood Valet Tray

A Simple Men’s Wood Valet Tray

You couldn’t ask for a better gift to help your man organize the clutter in his life.  Like all wooden boxes, a man’s valet has a function.  To store and organize is their game.  Wood Valet trays have dividers to compartmentalize the contents.  More ornate jewelry valets may contain drawers and other compartments as well as dividers.

Whatever your reasons for thinking of a man’s wooden valet, whether a dresser tray or men’s jewelry valet, they are special for that man in your life….

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