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Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Many Types and Styles of Jewelry Boxes

 When you think of jewelry boxes, just what comes to your mind?  Is it a type of box?  Like one made of leather or wood?  Is it a style?  Like a bracelet box or a more traditional jewelry box with dividers and trays.  Even when narrowing down to thinking of wooden jewelry boxes, there is still what type and style.  Some boxes are for display of specific items, others for the style of how jewelry is displayed.

Yes, there are many names given to wooden jewelry boxes.  They can also come in many shapes, sizes and designs.  Each can be made out of different woods or combination of woods.  The wood used may be a softwood, hardwood or an exotic.  So, when you think of a wooden jewelry box, it may not bring to mind the same thing for someone else.

Different types of Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Back in the days of castles and manors, wood jewelry boxes were the size of large chest to small pieces of furniture.  Because of their size, they were not known as boxes, but called jewelry caskets (not the kind we think of today).  Today, if you shop for a wooden jewelry box, you’ll find their are distinct types that are found.  Most are general types and range in uses.

 Ring Box

Ring boxes are intended for only one purpose, to hold rings.  One usually thinks of a small engagement ring box that holds just one ring for a loved one.  Or possibly a wedding ring box, known as a bearer box as the ring bearer carries this down the aisle to the awaiting couple at the altar.  Actually, ring boxes may vary in size depending upon how many rings it will hold.  They will be lined with satin if an engagement ring or bearer box and with velvet or felt if in a ring display box.  All have slots to hold the rings.

 Bracelet or Watch Box

These are called their name because of their shape being able to hold a bracelet or a watch.  They only have one compartment and are lined to protect the contents from scratching and for display.  Like any wooden box, they can have multiple uses.  They can easily become keeper boxes that hold trinkets and stuff to organize an area’s clutter.


These come as trays or boxes and are intended for men to hold their jewelry (but we know men and they’ll throw anything in).  Because they’re for men, they are usually made more rugged to look more “manly”.  And, let’s face it ladies, they’ll appeal to you too.


These can be for the dresser top or can be free standing, small pieces of furniture.  They’re meant to hold lots of jewelry.  This type of wooden jewelry box is named such as they have the appearance of clothing armoires just intended for jewelry.  The jewelry armoire may have one to several storage drawers and a cabinet portion with hooks for hanging chains and bracelets and often hangers for ear rings.  Some are large enough to contain a mirror.

 Wall Jewelry Boxes

You can find wood jewelry boxes that hang on the wall.  Much like medicine cabinets in bathrooms.  Common to a wall boxes is they are hung at eye height and contain a mirror.  They may have hooks to hang necklaces and trays or small drawers to hold rings.

 Wooden Jewelry Boxes

I’m leaving this type for last as it is the catch-all type and comes in so many variations.  These are the traditional jewelry boxes we all generally think of.  These are the wooden jewelry boxes we are used to seeing on a dresser or prominently displayed on a table in someone’s bedroom.  These are not simple lift lid boxes.  Their lid is usually hinged for opening.  Wooden jewelry boxes come in all sizes.  From the smaller keepsake types with only one compartment to large jewelry chests with dividers, trays and drawers, (those caskets of old).  Most are intended to adorn a dresser, table or shelf.

Wood jewelry boxes vary in size as by how much it has to hold.  Styles vary from simple to ornate.  Some jewelry boxes are carved.  This can be hand done, or more commonly by machine.  This is true of engraved jewelry boxes too.  You can find jewelry boxes that are music boxes at the same time.

Wood jewelry box is a catch term.  It represents all those boxes meant to organize jewelry.  This is the term we think of and relate to.  You will find that there are a number of box maker selling their handcrafted wood boxes on Etsy.  If you would like to see my selection of handmade wooden jewelry boxes, I can be found at the Rist Wood Works wooden box shop.


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