Lift Lid Box Made of Exotic Hardwoods

Lovely Lift Lid Boxes

Lift lid boxes are some of my favorites.   A box where the entire lid can be lifted off.  Some elders may call them stash boxes based on the hippie days they remember.

They can be simple lift lid boxes which consist of the box “carcass” (or body), and a lid made out of a single piece of wood.  The lid may have a pull (handle) or not.  It’s the one piece lid that makes this a simple box.  And, it’s the lid that is shaped such on the bottom that it fits into the box itself.

Other lift lid boxes differ in that the lid has a panel in it and the entire lid is cut from the top of the box carcass.   In order for the body of the box and the lid to fit and stay closed, one of two things are done by the box maker.  He/she can place inserts inside the carcass or fashion a lip on the box body that fits into a rabbit on the inside of the lid.  If one is using inserts these line the inside of the box.  You can have 2-piece (one on each end), or 4-piece mitered (lining each side) inserts.

Simplicity is not the only thing I like about lift lid boxes.  I love that they are so useful.  Their function is bulk storage.  You know, clean up the clutter by throwing it in a box.  “Stuff” storage!  That’s why these are also known as a type of keeper box.  Keeper boxes have no dividers or trays inside and are meant for bulk storage.

Lift lid boxes, simple, functional and they can be quite beautiful.  Much of their beauty will come from the wood selected for the box body and lid.  I use hardwoods in my box making.  Figured woods give a wood grain and texture that stands out and draws viewers attention.  Spalted and curled woods make the lid stand out.  Using box, or finger joints at the corners give a certain decorative appearance.  Miter splines give a decorative design to miter joints while adding strength and reinforcement to the actual joint.

This type of box makes a great gift too.  Everyone can envision receiving a lift lid box for a gift.  You know just what you’re going to use it for and where it’s going.  Maybe you’re going to put it on your desk to put all those little things in it that you want close, but neatly out of the way.  Next to the door for keys.  On a shelf.  Lift lid boxes can go anywhere.  Give one to a special friend.  For the holidays, wedding gifts or a gift for any occasion.

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