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Finding Handmade Wooden Boxes on Etsy for Gifts

Etsy is a great place to go for your online shopping when looking to purchase a wooden box.   Etsy has a reputation of being the go to place to shop for handcrafted items.   Etsy is often thought of as being the online equivalent of open craft fairs and outdoor flea markets.   But they are much more.  If you look on their website, they display the following categories on the sidebar of their homepage:  Art, Home & Living, Jewelry,
Women, Men, Kids, Vintage, Weddings, Craft Supplies, Trending Items, Gift Ideas, Mobile Accessories plus more when you go in depth within each category.  And these alone the top of the page in their breadcrumb:   


Etsy breadcrumb showing the various categories that can be searched

Etsy Breadcrumb Showing the Various Categories that can be searched

Shop for Handmade Wooden Boxes as Gifts Using Etsy

 You’re looking for a nice, handmade wooden box for a gift.  Maybe it’s for the holidays, a wedding gift, graduation, an anniversary or just to give to that special someone.  You want it to look special and personal.  Etsy was made for you!  You’ll love the selection to choose your box from.  Check out all the boxes made by those homegrown box and woodworkers.  You’ll be able to find that one, special wood box for your gift.  Or maybe you buy it as a gift just for yourself.

One nice thing is that Etsy gives us little guys an online storefront to sell our handmade goods from.  And, they do our online advertising for us.  Rist Wood Works is a small shop at Etsy.  About 80% of the shops on Etsy are considered small (20 items or less).  The remainder of shops are advertising 100+ items in their shop and bring in the most dollars per shop. 

The fact is that most online shoppers consider Etsy the place to find handmade crafts done by small, often home based craft shops.  And, they have a reputation with the online search engines for providing homemade gift items.  This gives shopper a central place to find the wooden boxes for the gift you wish to give to that special person in your life. 

 A small word of caution when trying to find a truly handmade or handcrafted wooden box through Etsy.  Handmade is a loose term on Etsy.  As is the term handcrafted as it is used on their site.  Remember the large Etsy shops that sell more than 100 items.  Take a look at one and you will see that many of their items are not handmade.  Many boxes are made unfinished or finished for people to decorate themselves and give as homemade gifts.  Most engraved wood boxes and many carved boxes are machine made.   

You’ll note that smaller shops offering wood boxes that are handmade usually are higher rated in the Etsy store.  This is one way to sort through all that’s offered.  And, remember handmade in Etsy doesn’t mean it’s not mass produced.  So, be picky to get what you really want. 

How to Shop for Handcrafted Wood Boxes on Etsy

 Just a short “how to” for finding that special wooden gift on Etsy.  Etsy is like finding things on Google.  At the top of the homepage you will find a search box. 

The Etsy Search Box

The Etsy Search Box

Just type into the searchbox what you’re looking for. The more specific, the better.  Just typing in “box” or “boxes” will give all sorts of these that may be wood or could be metal.  You see what I mean… A good place to begin is with “wooden box” or better yet, “handmade wooden box”.  Click on the search button and you will get something like this:

Etsy Page of Listings Under "Handmade Wooden Box"

Etsy Page of Listings Under “Handmade Wooden Box”

 From here you can go through the images and listings of handmade wooden boxes that Etsy has to offer and click on the ones you like and want to view more info on.  There will be pages of listings.  You can narrow your search down by being even more specific, such as searching for “handmade walnut box”.  Yup, if you want a box made out of walnut, then Etsy will take you to all the walnut boxes.  You just put the wood type into your search to get more specific.  You can search for specific types of boxes like “jewelry box”.  Here again you will find them all.  Type “maple and cherry wooden jewelry box” and you will be getting just those types.  See what I mean?

After you have done a few searches, you might take note of the breadcrumb navigation near the top of the listings:


The Rist Wood Works Listing Page

The Rist Wood Works Listing Page

Most wooden box searches come from the “all categories”.  You can find wood boxes in the “jewelry”, “home improvement”, and other categories if you want to search them to narrow your listings and find what you’re looking for.  But I generally just start with being as specific as I can. 

There is another way… If you know the shop you’re looking for because you like their styles of boxes, then you can search for the shop itself.  To find my shop you would search for RISTWOODWORKS in the search box.  You can also follow this link: Rist Wood Works Etsy Shop.  What you’ll find is my shop on Etsy:


 And, at this shop I can guarantee the wood boxes are handmade.

That’s just a little background on Etsy and how to find wooden boxes for gifts if you’re not familiar with this shopping site.

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