Rist Wood Works is a tiny woodworking shop specializing in making wooden boxes.  Yes, it is a small shop  (As you can see in the photo below).  I may be small but I have everything to produce quality, handmade boxes.  I am located in the Colorado foothills to the NW of Fort Collins.  In the wood shop I produce jewelry, keepsake, trinket, stash and even cigar boxes.  I also make custom boxes to the specifications of the purchaser.

the woodworking shop at Rist Wood Works

The Rist Wood Works Shop in Colorado

I strive to make only the finest quality, precision handcrafted wooden boxes.  Wooden boxes that become heirlooms you will cherish. I use only the finest hardwoods I can find.  I re-saw and dimension all my own boards for the handcrafted boxes I make. In doing so, I take note of the wood’s grain and make use of it in the design and look of each box I make.  Many of my box joints are reinforced in decorative means to give eye appeal.   In some boxes, the reinforcement is hidden in the joint itself.

I’m the box maker.  My name is Jim and I’m a real person as you can see in my photo below…

The box maker at Rist Wood Works

The Box Maker at Rist Wood Works… Jim Bruce

Boxes are my passion and quality is my goal.  If you are looking to purchase a quality, handcrafted wooden box, take a look through my Etsy shop and I think you will find what you’re after.  I’m also providing viewers of this site with information on woodworking and box making so that you too can make your own boxes.